Should we hire internally or recruit externally?

Many of our clients have been asking this question. Let’s examine the benefits of either option.
First of all, if you are hiring from within, it sends a message to your employees that your organization is serious about career planning and succession. It shows you value the investment the employee has made in their career with you. One question you may want to ask is… does this person bring with them some external experiences that they can blend with their current insight regarding your organization. If they have only ever worked for your company then perhaps they are lacking perspective. Progressive organizations look for people who are innovative, team players with great insight and LEADERSHIP skills. Generally, these companies value folks who are not afraid to take risks and stretch outside of their own comfort zone. If you have that person in line for their next promotion and have no doubt they can do it then go ahead and PROMOTE them!
On the other hand, many organizations are seeing the benefit of going to an external third party recruitment professional who can assess – not only external candidates by your own internal ones as well. If you have established a good working relationship with a qualified recruitment expert, you would have no reason to conduct an external search. This ensure equity when considering internal candidates. The feedback we have received over the years indicates there is much value in running a tandem search externally as well as internally. Often, the right person is “sitting right under your nose”
Other times, it gives you the assurance that you have done your due diligence in recruiting the RIGHT person for the role- whether they are from external resources or from within.