Can you help my Son/Daughter?

HelpMany times, we are approached by the parents of recent grads and asked if we can assist them.  Too often we have found that the parents really want us to re-affirm what they have been telling their son or daughter all along.  While that type of career coaching might seem the right thing to do in the parent’s eyes, it can be very destructive for the young person who is already feeling the pinch of real life hitting them square in the eyes!

The best approach for a parent to take is to simply “open doors” for networking purposes and trust the relationship that will build (or not) with the recruiter who is looking at things from a neutral, third party.  All conversations (usually done out of courtesy since it is rare that Executive Recruiters would ever be retained to help find a new grad) must remain confidential – between the young person and the recruitment professional.  Parents are best to “cut the apron strings” and let things unfold the way they should when young people launch into their careers.