I want to leave my current job!

We get asked this all the time.  “how do I go about searching for a job, when I have one already?”This week, I spoke with a couple of candidates who approached me confidentially to discuss a possible career move.  Note – I said “career move”  vs  “job”.  So many people go through life dissatisfied with their careers and don’t do anything about it!  When approaching a professional recruiter, they(the recruiter) will want to know where you are in the thought process.  I usually ask people – on a scale of 1 – 6 ( six meaning you will leave any moment) where are you in the process of leaving your current employer.  This crystalizes your time frame for making a dcision and that is important – especially to a recruiter who might be working with clients who have immediate or pending needs. Take stock of your career right now.  Where are you on that scale of 1- 6?  If you are anywhere near a 4 or 5 or 6 then get to work!  Start writing down things that are important to you when making a career move.  Name the top three things that are important to you so that you don’t get confused when faced with mulitple job offers!

What do I say…in an interview?

Twice in the past week, I was asked by two candidates “how do I answer certain questions?” What they were really asking is “how do I answer, based upon what the interviewer wants to hear?” My response… don’t try to figure out what you think they want you to say.. just tell it like it is. There’s no right or wrong answer, your experience, is your experience. Be yourself.    The interview is a place of discovery… for the organization to get to know the candidate and vice versa.  In the end.. it’s all about the right “fit” for BOTH parties.